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The Philadelphia Area SAS® Users Group

January 30, 1997

The Philadelphia Area SAS Users Group Winter Meeting will held be on Wednesday, February 26, 1997 at 1:00 PM and will be hosted by Wyeth-Ayerst Research at the Radnor Hotel in Radnor Pennsylvania. Click here for a [map].

Registration will begin at 12:15 PM and the meeting will commence at 1 PM. Please try to arrive a bit early to register. This is the first meeting of 1997 and all who attend must register and pay annual PhilaSUG. Dues for the year are $20 and there are no other fees for attending PhilaSUG meetings. We will accept cash, but a check is preferred. If you are a student with a current matriculation card we charge $5.00 per event which represents a significant discount.

Please do not pre-register, this creates unnecessary paper work. Receipts and membership cards will be available at registration time.

[Snowman] SNOW and Other Inconveniences: In case it snows, or the weather is severely inclement, such as terribly icy roads, call (215) 283-0713 x410 after 5 PM on the 25th or on the morning of the 26th. Mark Penniston, of IBAH-BioPharm, will record a message stating that the meeting is to take place as scheduled, or is rescheduled for a particular date, or is to be canceled. We expect to be able to reschedule if necessary. We thank Mark Penniston and IBAH-BioPharm for their assistance.

The PhilaSUG Executive Committee wishes to thank the management and staff of Wyeth-Ayerst Research for hosting this meeting. In particular we wish to thank Anne Smith for her help in arranging this meeting.




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