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Call For Paper and Poster Presentations

A Speaker (4,337 bytes) [Wanted Poster Cartoon] The PhilaSUG Executive Committee requests presentation abstracts. If you have thought about giving a presentation to PhilaSUG but weren't sure what's involved, these guidelines should clear things up for you. If you haven't thought about giving a presentation, perhaps you should think about it.

Are you looking for an opportunity to share your knowledge about SAS and learn from other experts?

Paper presentations are the ultimate way to not only gain recognition for your expertise among fellow SAS®. professionals but also contribute and expand the dialogue and sharing of ideas - a practice that has distinguished the SAS community and attendees of SAS Global Forum for decades.

Benefits to You

Benefits to Your Organization

Benefits to the SAS Community

If this is of interest to you,participants are invited to submit electronic abstracts and bio for either a poster or oral presentation. please submit an abstract and bio by using our Online Submission Form.
Presentations can be from a ten minute coders corner type presentation to 50 minutes or they can be a poster. We're looking for new or previously presented presentations.

If you wish to participate in the PhilaSUG 2018 Winter Meeting

Deadline: Abstracts must be submitted using our online submission form (see "Online Abstract Submission" button above) no later than end of day Tuesday, January 9, 2018. . Thereafter, abstracts will be reviewed. Authors will be notified of their acceptance / rejection shortly after the submission deadline.

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